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Baking Soda Information

Welcome to our website, we are dedicated to providing you with information about the uses and versatility of baking soda. So what exactly is it and what is it used for? Chemically, it is known as sodium hydrogen carbonate, or sodium bicarbonate. It is white in color and is composed of tiny crystals that look like salt in appearance. It's chemical formulas is NaHCO3. It is a substance that is soluble in water.

What Is Baking Soda?

This household item has been around for thousands of years, is extremely versatile for uses in and around the home, and has quite a number of different uses. It is well known and widely used, and can also be known by the names bread soda, cooking soda, and bicarbonate soda.

Did You Know?

The Egyptians used it as soap!

It can be used as a subsitutue for toothpaste and is said to have teeth whitening properties.

Great at helping your hair, put a dab on in the shower to clean excess residue left from hair cleaning products.

Can be used for foot spa, put your feet into a bowl or tub with 3 tablespoons of It to give your feet a great silky feel.

Its also great at getting rid of odors.

Baking Soda Uses

In the kitchen, in addition to being used as a leavening agent in baking recipes, it can also have a plethora of other uses. It is a key ingredient in baking powder. It can be used to keep away smelly odors in the refrigerator, simply by placing a bowl with some soda in the fridge. It has been used to soften vegetables when cooking, and in some Asian cooking, it is used to tenderize meat.

Baking Soda for Teeth Whitening

In the area of personal hygiene it can be used as a less expensive and less harmful (chemically) substitute for many products on the market today. By using it in place of toothpaste, you can get your teeth very white and whiten teeth with baking soda, and it is very effective at lifting plaque off of your teeth. Exfoliate your face with it, too! Try keeping a small container of it in your bathroom for shining skin. Add it to a handful of your favourite shampoo to rinse away the harsh chlorines, and additives that styling products leave behind. Maybe you prefer baths, instead? Try adding soda to your bath water. This mixture can be very soothing and comforting to itchy and dry skin. It can also help sunburned skin, and skin affected by poison ivy, providing some relief. Mixed with cornstarch and applied after a shower, it can also make a great and inexpensive alternative to deodorant.

It can be used as a natural healing remedy for many things. Mixed with water, it can be very soothing to scalding and burns. This same mixture can be used to soothe irritated skin due to diaper rash. When used on acne and insect bites, this mixture can also be very beneficial.

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If you or someone in your household has sensitive skin or skin allergies, you can try to wash your clothes and your bedding in it instead. When added to your laundry, it can also keep your clothes brighter and whiter. To clean dirty dishes, if you sprinkle the bottom of your dishwasher with it, and then run normally, this will reduce the odor buildup that sometimes occurs in dishwashers. It can clean the sink, the oven, and even the barbecue grills. Can also be used to soak up carpet spills, and when mixed with a little bit of cinnamon, you have a little bit of carpet freshener.

If you have animals, it is also useful when sprinkled liberally in cat litter to neutralize odors, and is also helpful in cleaning aquariums, as it is a great cleaner for the fish tank that will remove dirt, and this mixture will not scratch the glass, either. If you brush your pets, sprinkle some soda on the comb or brush that you use. This will deodorize and freshen up your pet's coat and skin.

It also has often been hailed as a great cleaner for years; soda is an indispensable item to keep in your home! it is also effective in containing fungus growths, can be used to extinguish small grease fires, and can even sweeten your tomato plants with it when sprinkled on the soil around them. It can even be used to make fun little volcanoes or rockets for school projects and fun with the kids!

It also even has uses in the kitchen, outside of baking! You can wash your fresh fruits and vegetables off with it. Are you sick of paying the crazy prices at the grocery store for sports drinks? You can make your own at home with a solution of boiled water, salt and powdered juice mix. If you enjoy omelettes in the morning for breakfast, if you add half a teaspoon of soda for every three eggs used, you will get fluffier omelettes as a result. Do you hunt, and hate the "gamey" taste of the meat you get? Soak the meat in a baking soda solution!

It is absolutely amazing how many different places in and around the home that you can use it in, here are five common uses on our site. It is one of the most versatile chemicals out there, it is very inexpensive, easy to use, and should be included in every home today.

Buying Baking Soda In The UK

You can purchase it from most supermarkets in the UK if you look for the arm and hammer brand. You can also get it online. We will be updating this page with a defintiive list of places you can get it from.

Does it work For Acne?

Is it a myth that the use of it can relieve or even get rid of acne? Well to some extent it can help aid a person's battle with acne.

It is reported that the use of soda for acne can lighten the appearance of scars, prevent breakouts, shrinks pimpled overnight and helps exfoliate the skin to leave it silky smooth. it is also a very cheap, natural and clean way of cleaning the skin.

You can try it yourself by making a mixture of it and water and could even try adding tea tree oil into a light paste. By doing this you have a natural treatment to help prevent and get rid of acne by keeping the skin clean and helping to exfoliate the skin from all the bacteria and dead skin cells. You can use this method every few days to see if it can help with an acne problem if off the shelf products do not seem to be working for you.

Like everything its best to get advice from your doctor or dermatologist before you try any treatment to get there opinion on what is best for your needs. Using it as an acne cure or treatment may not be for everybody, but there are wide reports around the internet that is does infact work for a lot of people. By making a paste out of a mixture of water and soda you can apply it to your face like you would any other facial treatment.

It is great for helping you to reduce oily skin which is one of the big factors when it comes to having acne and acne breakouts. This method is great because it is a natural way with trying to deal with the problem and saves using various drugs and chemicals in your body that may be actually be harming it.

If you have tried it as a acne treatment and it has failed or worked then please get in touch, it will be great to share your experiences with others. You can leave a comment below and help others decide whether using this type of treatment is worthwhile for acne.

It is so cheap way to try and help treat your acne you might aswell give it a try and hopefully be happy with the results.