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Five Uses For Baking Soda

Five Baking Soda Uses

Cleaning Agent

You can use it as a key aid to help cleaning around the home. You can use it to help clean surfaces by adding a pinch to a sponge with water, you can also use baking soda to freshen sponges, clean the microwave & oven. Clean furniture,floors you name it, this household item can also be used to clean a wide range of household applications for a very cost effective price.

Using it as a cleaning agent is also great for getting rid of grease and oil. Clean your sports equipment by using a pinch of it and adding water. You can use it even to deodor sports clothing by sprinkling it in for example your tennis shoes!

Teething Whitening

You can also use this as a teeth cleaning agent, we have a dedicated page that goes into this more depth. You can use it to help whiten teeth and even use it as a mouthwash, the options are endless. You can help aid having bad breath by using it as a mouthwash agent to deodorize your mouth

Reduce Odor

Anywhere that creates an odor can be helped by using a sprinkle of it. Fridge freezer has a smelly odor? then use baking soda! Lunch box’s, garages disposals, trash cans, bins and drains can all be neutralized by using it.

You can also use put it in your trainers or shoes to help the aid of foot odor that comes after a long tireless day of working.

Beauty Aids

We all know how much the costs of beauty products of the shelf are, well how about trying to use this cheap effective way to help reduce them costs. Soda can be used in so many areas of health & beauty, the cost is so cheap that is it worth a try.

Hair can be treated and aided by the use of it, it can help reduce residue and excess that off the shelf hair products leave behind after the shower, just mix a dash of it with your shampoo and your hair will come out cleaning more fresh and cleaner than ever, what's great about it also is thats its all natural. You can also use it on your combs and brushes to remove all that oil that is produced after tireless use.

Its such a great way of getting rid of oil you can even use it to help aid acne or even use it as a bath soak to help eliminate oil on your whole body.

Spa Treatment

The spa can also be an expensive trip. Why not use it as a spa foot treatment soak by adding a dash to a bowl and bath your feet. Give them a scrub and notice the difference a hint of it can add to make your feet silky smooth.

You can even use it as a facial scrub or even a exfoliant, there are so many ways you can treat yourself to a cheap spa experience by using baking soda as a key ingredient, not only is it widely available it is literally dirt cheap.

If you have used any of these tips that are featured in this page then please get in touch and let us know how it went for you, we will love to hear feedback on ways you use it as a substitute for many off the shelf products that are sold at expensive products.

We are just scratching the surface when it comes to it in this list, there are thousands of things you can do with this amazing ingredient that literally amaze us. We still hear about new ways and methods that it is used on a daily basis and hope that you have found something that you can use it for in your own home.

From cleaning agents to beauty treatments its sometimes a good thing to experiment with it and trying to find something that is unique for you. Don't forget to share with us anything that you may find and we will be sure to publish it on this site and share with the world.