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Teeth Whitening With Baking Soda

Baking soda has so many uses but a very common use is as a teeth whitening agent. Its no myth that you can actually use it to help whiten teeth, recently Julia Roberts the movie star came out in public and stated that she used it to whiten her teeth by stating she brushes her teeth with a dab baking soda.

Teeth Whitening With Baking Soda

Using it as toothpaste is a common method of an alternative to the traditional toothpaste you buy off the shelf. Simply put a dab of it on your toothbrush and reap the benefits that it gives you. It is a really cheap effective way of helping to whiten teeth without the expensive other alternatives.

Not only does it help whiten teeth but it also helps clean them too, its not also a new traditional its been uses from the early 18th century as a teeth cleaning aid and is still very much used to this day, its not really an old wives tale.

Baking soda whitens the teeth when dissolved in water by scraping of the brown and yellow stains that you build up from use over the years, from foods and drinks like tea. The soda will lighten the stains by penetrating the tooth enamel to give them a much brighter and whiter appearance.

You can simply make a it and salt water mix and use it as toothpaste as you normally would, then swill your mouth out thoroughly with water to whiten and clean the teeth. You may feel a slight tingling sensation but this is normal.

Don't try this method if you are wearing braces or have a permanent retainer. Also be cautious not to overly use this method because like anything if overused can have a bad effect on your teeth, it's recommended that you don't do it more than once every 2 weeks. Consult your dentist before you use this method for further information about using it as a teeth whitening agent.

Using it strictly to whiten teeth is a good idea, but don't really think that is going to make your teeth sparkly white overnight. Using this method is more of a maintenance tool than a permanent fix. If you combine using it to help keeping your teeth sparkling white with other teeth whitening products then you will have a much better end product, just don't go into it thinking that you are going to have perfect teeth instantly, it does help whiten teeth but it is not be all and end all when it comes to keeping your teeth white.

We will be hopefully having a few case studies in the near future on this site to show you exactly what you can do with it as a teeth whitener. If you can see results then that hopefully will give you a better understanding on what exactly it can do.

It is not only a teeth whitening agent is can also be used for many different things. Our main page lists a lot of different practical uses that this amazing thing can be used for.